Best Water Purifiers For When You Go For Outdoor Activities

Individuals engage in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking and many more. When you go on these adventures, you have to carry a bottle(s) to stay hydrated. When you engage in these types of activities you perspire a lot and require water to quench your thirst. Not every location is equipped with purified water barrels for those who go for these activities. On the other hand, you never know what kind of emergency that might arise.
If you get injured, how are you to clean the wound? As much as these activities are thrilling and exciting, the different emergencies that arise wouldn’t be pleasing. For that reason, have you given a thought about purchasing a purifier or filter? In such situations this is a life savior and a sigh of relief.
Different portable water purifiers
For instance, if you run out of water and don’t see any clean water resource nearing, then, it could come in handy. If you are camping, you need clean water to cook a meal and quench your thirst. Specially, when you’re going with your family or group of friends, you need to carry a lot. For this reason, there are various portable purifiers for you to take along. Here are some of the types that are available:

Ceramic type

This camping water purifier is very effective in cleaning water. It’s a commonly used and naturally H2O cleansing mechanism. As the name applies, the bottle is not made of ceramic, but portable water filter has a ceramic purification mechanism and is long lasting. They have the ability to kill harmful bacteria and other water borne impurities.


It uses the osmosis filtering technology, with the filtration mediums such as of ceramic cartridges or bags that kills viruses. It’s easy to handle and all you have to do is hang this until the water gets collected. It can hold about 750 ml to 1.5 liters. In addition, you can clean and maintain it without any hassle.

UV purifier

This is another camping water purifier that individuals have started to use. It’s ideal for those of you who travel frequently on outdoor events such as trekking, camping, etc. These bottles have a faster purification time and very easy to carry along. Once, you put the water, it is exposed to the UV light inside it. After shaking the bottle for a few times, wait until it becomes clear, and use for drinking or cooking.
As a fact, it would be beneficial and come in handy, if you are a frequent outdoors traveler. So the next time you plan to go out, don’t forget to take the purifier for safe drinking water, if yours run out.