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How Bad is the Drought in California?

85% of San Diego’s water is Imported from 2 sources!

SOURCE 1: The California Aqueduct
California's Water Sources

The California State Water Project is experiencing a multi-year drought and reservoir levels are at LESS than 1/3 of Capacity! Pumping restrictions have been imposed and the MWD has already restricted San Diego’s water.
Lake Oroville

San Luis Reservoir

SOURCE 2: The Colorado River Aqueduct
The Colorado River Aqueduct is shared by SEVEN states and has experienced 8 years of drought with its reservoirs at less than 50% of capacity!

7 States Share Colorado River Water

Lake Mead

Lake Powell

Diamond Lake

La Niña

“San Diegans shouldn't let a wet fall lull them into complacency”, said Rita Schmidt-Sudman, executive director of the conservation-minded Water Education Foundation.

“People (there) need to realize you are basically at the end of the pipeline,” she said. “Conserving water is very important for the economy of the region.” Union Tribune – Front Page, Tuesday January 6, 2009.

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